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Top 5 easy ways how to make slime without BORAX

Slime does not lose its popularity, and this encourages us to follow the trends and new ways of cooking your favorite toy. During experiments, checking different recipes and communicating with our users, we managed to clearly form a position on the subject of simple and complex handgams. To be honest, there are currently many more good varieties of slimes, based on glue and borax. However, there are many recipes for slime without BORAX and other similar types of thickeners, including lens cleaner, etc. We offer to consider them based on the wishes of our valued users.

5 ways to make slime without borax

So we decided to give up borax and lens products. What are the alternative contact solutions for making slime without borax?

  • Soda and salt are well combined with the detergent and glue;
  • Starch-suitable for gel, thick shampoo, but in large quantities;
  • Powdered sugar – used for cooking edible Slime (not the best in terms of stickiness, but very interesting) or using toothpaste;

The list is not final. The bottom line is that there are enough other contact solutions to prepare the Slime. In addition, you can not use such additives at all. Moreover, both for cooking cloud (in the form of a cloud ), and fluffy, glossie, crunch, and other versions of slime.

The slime from carbonated drinks

Opens a list of recipes for slime that do not require borax, a difficult but interesting variant of drinks. In particular, Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Fanta are suitable . Based on personal experience , we recommend using Fanta. In addition, immediately be patient with the following products:

  • one of the carbonated drinks-2000 ml;
  • powdered sugar -0.5 kg;
  • vanilla – 100 grams;
  • marshmallow – 10 pieces;
  • gelatin – 50 grams.

To prepare this slime, you need to boil the entire drink in a pan to such a state that 70-100 ml of viscous liquid remains. Next, add powdered sugar, vanilla and gelatin. Stir until smooth. In parallel, put the marshmallows in the microwave and put them on for 60 seconds. Mix the ingredients.

Recipe for edible marshmallow slime

The advantage of this slime is that you can eat it . Of course, not sports nutrition and healthy food in slime is not enough, but the fact is … to prepare this recipe for slime, you only need two ingredients: marshmallow and chocolate paste.

To start, put the marshmallows in the microwave oven. Enough for 60 seconds, and then the marshmallows will turn into foam. How many pieces do I need? For each tablespoon of chocolate paste, 3 units of marshmallows are enough . At the last stage, you need to add Nutella or other delicious pasta to the container with the above product. It will take a long time to interfere. It took us about 15 minutes to complete the task. My hands are tired.

The slime with washing gel

Percil is the best contact solution if you don’t have access to boric acid! To prepare such a slime, you will need:

  • shaving cream-200 ml;
  • baby powder – ” on the eye»;
  • red dye – 5 ml;
  • wash gel – until it thickens;
  • hand cream-half a tube;
  • stationery glue-150 ml;
  • body lotion – 1 tablespoon.

To get a fluffy slime without borax, you need to fill the container with glue and foam, mix thoroughly. Next, add the cream, powder and leads to a uniform appearance. After that, add a little lotion and pour the Percil. Do not pour too much at once. Add a little bit at a time, stirring in parallel.

Glowing slime made of boron powder

If you want to make a good slime without borax, you will have to buy boric powder and liquid phosphorus. In addition, you need PVA glue, dye and a glass of cold water. The procedure for preparation of the glowing slime:

  1. Pour 20 ml of cold water into the prepared container;
  2. Pour 75 ml of the specified glue on top;
  3. If you want , add a liquid dye;
  4. Pour boric powder and phosphorus until it thickens.

This is a good option, the Slime will glow in the dark, but only if stored correctly, as described below.

Fluffy slime without borax

Closes the top 5 recipes for slime without borax puff based on air plasticine. For the preparation of such a crawler will need the following ingredients:

  • shaving cream-100 ml;
  • air plasticine – 1 plate;
  • shower gel-20 ml;
  • cornstarch – 50 grams.

First, you need to add the gel (the thickest) to the container where we prepare the Slime, and then the shaving foam on top. Mix, adding cornstarch. At the last stage of preparation, put a plate of air plasticine. Mix the composition a little and take it in your hands. We will wait until we can complete the process of making the Slime.

How to store slime without borax?

It is already a well- established rule to store each slime (purchased and prepared at home) in a cool place. This applies to slime made from any ingredients, including without borax. The only difference is that the puff does not have to be put in the refrigerator – it is enough to prevent direct sunlight . Luminous slime, edible options and cloud should be stored at +5 degrees, and no higher.

It is important that the “slime” is in the package with a tight- fitting lid. With strong oxidation, the properties will be lost after a few hours. During the night, the slime of foam and gel can completely deteriorate.

Does a slime without borax stick to your hands?

A serious problem with most sliders made without a good contact solutuin is stickiness. They can stick to the surface, the container , and, of course, to the hands . The salt solution allows you to cope with this task , if it is not an edible slime. You need to stir a few drops of water with ¼ teaspoon of soda. Add to the slime and stir.

If it didn ‘t help, you should think about adding a little more of the contact solution that acts as a base. For example, for a luminous slime, such a component is boron powder. For a fluffy Slime, this is a wash gel. In any case, you can leave a comment, and our authors will share their secrets, write!

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