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Top 5 easy recipes how to make slime with SHAVING CREAM

We started testing shaving cream slime first at home, and during the entire time of checking the recipes, we collected a good collection of options for making this slime. It’s time to take stock, highlighting the best ways to create such toys. It is worth saying that slimes based on gel or cream differ from other analogues in softness, they are more pleasant to the touch and in most cases are very fluffy. However, to achieve the best result, it is important not to make mistakes with the proportions and ingredients: thickener, activator and other components.

Top 5 recipes making slime with shaving cream

And so, making slime with shaving cream, what can we do? In fact, there are many varieties: from crunches to Jingles. We will look at a few favorite recipes with your permission. If you do not know how to make a slime from shaving cream, we recommend starting with them:

  1. Cloud-slime is obtained in the form of a cloud;
  2. Fluffy toy resembles cotton wool;
  3. Classic – made from glue, cream and contact solution, simple recipe. It does not stick to your hands and retains its properties for a long time.

We recommend that you bookmark this list of hand gums in order to try to prepare each of the following recipes in the future. Believe me, the cream slimes described below are worth your attention.

Recipe #1: crunch-slime with shaving cream

To make a crunchy cream slime (half a Cup), you will need foam balls (about 30 pieces), a tube of any PVA glue, 20 milliliters of shower gel, a quarter of a teaspoon of soda, a little boric acid and water.

At the first stage, add 5-10 ml of water, gel and cream to the container. Mix thoroughly so that our Slime turns out to be airy. Now you need to add the PVA glue. Then, foam balls, and a contact solution. As the last ingredient, you can use boric acid and water – mix 1 to 1. If necessary, you can paint slime crunches using any liquid dye.

Recipe #2: airy slime with plasticine

If you want to make a simple slime from shaving cream, we recommend that you buy one plate of air plasticine in a stationery store. This is a truly unique material that can be used to create very soft and long-lasting slimes.

To prepare an airy Slime, we need:

  • potato starch – 20 grams;
  • shaving cream – ½ Cup;
  • thick shower gel – 20 milliliters;
  • air plasticine – 1 plate.

At the first stage of preparation, add the gel, starch and cream. Stir. In parallel, we knead the plasticine, throw it in the container and knead until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. The result should be a soft Slime, pleasant to touch.

Recipe #3: original fluffy slime

Special attention should be paid to the recipe of fluffy slime from shaving cream, which should turn out like cotton wool.

When you use the right ingredients in the right proportion, you can create incomparable slimes.

The original recipe provides the following components:

  • Elmer glue – 50 ml;
  • salt – pinch;
  • water – 20 ml;
  • lens cleaner – 20 ml;
  • dye of any color;
  • shaving cream – 1 Cup (250 ml).

To make a classic slime from foam, you need to mix water with salt. Next, pour the foam and mix again. As soon as the consistency gets a uniform appearance, you need to sprinkle food coloring on top and pour the craft glue of the specified company. At the last stage of cooking your favorite toy, add a contact solution.

Recipe #4: the simplest cream Slime

There are no requirements for making this slime recipe from cream. We implemented it at home in a few minutes. Simply add 3 tablespoons of cream (any brand), a thick shampoo (a few drops) and PVA glue (75 ml). Mix and add borax. In our opinion, this is the best content solution for glue. To achieve a faster reaction, you can add a pinch of salt – it acts as an activator.

Immediately it is worth saying that such a fluffy Slime will not last long. For this reason, it is important to store the toy in a closet or refrigerator. In any case, do not leave it on the windowsill to avoid direct sunlight.

Recipe #5: rainbow slime with cream

This option differs from recipe #3 only in the number of ingredients and complexity. That is, you will need 2 times more ingredients for making. At the same time, after making, you will need to divide the classic cream puff into 7 parts. Next, each must be painted in one of the colors of the rainbow. Evenly spread the colored parts of the Slime in a container and leave for a day in the refrigerator.

The result should be a cool multi-colored Slime in the form of a rainbow.

What should I do if I run out of cream?

You may not have this problem, but during the testing of different recipes, we have repeatedly encountered the fact that the shaving cream ended at the most inopportune moment. What should I do if I didn’t have enough of the specified material for the Slime?

  1. You can compensate with shaving gel. Such materials are identical in properties, so nothing terrible will happen;
  2. You can add glue and activator;
  3. If there is plasticine in the recipe, you can compensate for the cream that did not grip with it.

Share your recommendations and suggestions, and we’ll check them out!

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