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How to pack a Valentine’s day gift: 15 perfect options

Packaging of gifts for Valentine’s Day may well be made with their own hands at home. Well, how exactly it is done, the site “” intends to demonstrate as part of this review. Here You will find about 15 ideal options for packaging gifts for the most loving holiday of the year!

Below we will show the best examples of decoration of festive boxes on February 14.

How to make a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Way to # 1. Decor hearts.

We pack the gift in a nice white paper (above we have given a link to a review with different packaging options for gifts). On double-sided colored paper purple and pink color draw hearts of different sizes. Carefully cut out all the hearts with scissors. Each heart is folded in half, and in place of the fold on the back side of the glue is applied, and glue all the hearts to the surface of the box. If desired, close to a few of the hearts with a black marker to draw stripes.

Way to # 2. Like a piñata.

You will need a cardboard box in the form of a heart with a closing lid. Inside lay the batting and gift. Cut the corrugated paper into strips 3 cm wide, cut the tip of the paper ribbons into fringe. On the box, apply the glue and completely, together with the lid, paste over it with fringed ribbons. It will be funny to see how a loved one will look for how to open the box! By the way, earlier we already told how to make incredibly beautiful festive piñatas.

Way to # 3. Paired carrots.

Gift packaging on February 14 may be based on the use of fruit or vegetables, in particular carrots. Cut one carrot in half, dip this half part into the ink and print the surface of the plain wrapping paper with this stamp. After the ink has dried, pack the gift box into this paper. Take a double-sided tape and glue its narrow strips along the length of the box, on this tape, plant two carrots, and tie a rope or ribbon on top of them.

Way to # 4. Pink poppies.

Of course, everyone is used to the traditional red color of the plant, but we must not forget that in nature there are pink poppies. So why not make them out of paper, and decorate their box with a gift for Valentine’s Day?! So, if required, pack the box in light paper. Tie it with a black ribbon on top of which glue flowers. Below you will find a pattern of petals, as well as details on their creation.

Way to # 5. Smiley.

Pack the box with the prepared gift in yellow paper. Next, from the contrasting tone of the paper or even felt cut the necessary details: mouth, eyes, eyebrows, heart. All items stick to the side wall of the box to the adhesive gel point.

Way to # 6. Open heart.

Cut a heart out of cardboard, it will be a template. This template is attached to the Kraft paper and circle the contour with a pencil. Then a knife for cutting stencils should cut one of the parts of the heart, and bend the piece of paper to the side. On the reverse side of the Kraft paper with cut hearts, you need to paste pieces of red paper, so that they cover the open part of each heart. It remains only to wrap a gift such a stylish paper.

Way to # 7. Hearts with a pencil eraser.

From the eraser pencil to cut a heart. Cut need a knife to cut stencils. Next, this improvised print is dipped in white acrylic paint or stamped on paper. As soon as the paint dries, you need to wrap the paper boxes with a prepared present, and finally wrap it with twine.

Way to # 8. Strung hearts.

From the red thick paper cut out the required number of identical hearts, in the center of each hole punch create a hole. For a small box will be enough 5 hearts. We pack a present in black paper. Hearts strung on a thread, wrap the thread box, so that the hearts remained with the end of the product.

Way to # 9. Strong filaments of love.

The gift must be wrapped in Kraft paper. Then on the surface of the present to lay a red thread in the form of a heart. And gently glue the heart on the transparent adhesive moment. Long the tip needs to roll up into a ball and sticking a bit further from the heart.

Way to # 10. Embroidered heart.

On the lid of the box you want to draw with a pencil the heart, then the awl to create holes along the perimeter of the heart. Then you need to put a thick red thread in the needle with a large head and sew along the perimeter of the holes.

Way to # 11. Love letter.

We pack a present in white paper, make an envelope according to the scheme below. To the side wall of the box glue decorative cloth, put in an envelope postcard with written warm words. Tie the box with a thread, which with the help of decorative clothespins pin envelope.

Way to # 12. Lip print.

We pack a present in Kraft paper. We paint the lips with scarlet lipstick, and kiss the box. At the request of the side can be glued bow or satin ribbon.

Way to # 12. Car with gifts on the roof.

This method of registration of gifts can be called the most original. You need to buy a model car, pack small gifts in paper with hearts, and fix the presents with double-sided tape and decorative cord on the roof of the car.

Way to # 14. Animals with gifts.

Another interesting way of giving presents. In the toy store you need to buy a figure of a horse, Zebra or giraffe. Well, the back of the animal to tie the box with a gift.

Way to # 15. The key to the heart.

You need to buy a box in the form of a heart, in its Central part to cut a hole on the type of keyhole. Well, on top of using tape and glue to secure the key. So you can give the key to the apartment, thereby indicating that the person here is no longer a guest, and a full tenant.

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