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How to make slime without glue: 3 easy recipes

As practice shows, it is extremely difficult to cope with the preparation of good slides if there is no glue or an alternative component – a mask-film. Exceptions are some edible slimes and jelly-slime Jingles. Given the complexity of the issue , we suggest considering several recipes, since the ingredients need to be quite specific. We hope that you will find at least some of them. If not, you will agree that it is more pleasant to go to the store for sweets than for glue or an expensive mask-film.

Slime recipes without glue and film mask

First, we suggest to find out what are the ways to make a slime without glue and film mask, if the options selected by us are not suitable for You. And so:

  1. From foam and shampoo-in this case, soda acts as an activator for the contact solution (borax), but this recipe does not always work. You need to follow the instructions strictly and have components of a certain brand;
  2. From chocolate paste and marshmallow-an edible slime (delicious), but not too stringy, but very appetizing. It won’t last long;
  3. From toothpaste and sugar – more sugar slime than slime, which has questionable properties for the game;
  4. From salt and shampoos – the most questionable recipe, because it is very important to guess the number of activator granules. We did not succeed, but many users claim that this option is working. We do not recommend, but we must say that this method of cooking slime exists.

Now let’s look at the options that we most liked from those tested at home personally.

Recipe #1 – gelatin Slime without glue

To prepare this slime, you only need liquid soap, gelatin and hot water, that is , no thickener, PVA glue and mask-film is required. The order of preparation is as follows:

  1. Pour a tablespoon of gelatin with boiling water, and mix thoroughly;
  2. Add a thick gel or liquid soap. If you want at this stage you can add a dye;
  3. Put the slime in the refrigerator for 60 to 120 minutes .

It will turn out quite an interesting slime: it will shake, but not stretch.

Recipe #2 – Slime with Fruit-Tella and dragees

It is unlikely that these ingredients are currently in the house , but if you like to experiment with different recipes for Slime, then you should go to the store. You will need 12 pieces of Tik-Tac dragees, 6 Fruit-Tella candies and 1 tablespoon of cornstarch.

As you know, a slime without glue and a mask -film a priori can not be very cool, but it is an edible option that is really delicious and quite interesting in its own way. To prepare, put chewing gum in the microwave for 60 seconds and mix with starch, as well as dragees.

Recipe #3 – Slime with boiled drinks

This is a more complex recipe, and we do not recommend eating it. The fact is that the composition of the Slime includes many harmful chemicals. Ingredients:

  • Pepsi – 2 liters;
  • powder – 250 grams;
  • gelatin – 30 grams;
  • marshmallow – 20 pieces.

First, you need to boil the drink in a pan until you get 75-100 ml of viscous black slime. Add powdered sugar and marshmallows, melted in the microwave. At the last stage of preparation, fill in the gelatin and mix thoroughly. Put in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Answers to questions about cooking Slime without PVA

In the end, instead of recommendations for preparing slides without glue and mask- film , we decided to present answers to the most popular questions from subscribers. You can ask your own questions via comments. Attention!

  • Question: how can I replace slime glue?
  • Answer: the best mask is a film that also reacts well with various contact solutions, including boric acid, borax, and lens cleaner. There are few alternative options , so we recommend that you read the recipes for slime without glue.
  • Question: if you buy glue for slime, which is better?
  • Answer: depending on what kind of slime you want to get. We recommend you to see the top 7 recipes with glue.
  • Question: how long does an edible slime last ?
  • Answer: until you eat. The main thing is to store in a cool place in a closed container.

Write if you still have questions and save the recipes so that you don’t lose them.

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