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How to make a slime with cornstarch and NO GLUE

Slime with cornstarch is a simple and at the same time practical slime, attracting good properties and relatively durability among other recipes of slime that can be made at home. However, the vast majority of methods for preparing such “slime” are focused on the use of PVA glue , aggressive detergents or borax. We offer another extremely simple, proven and good recipe, with which you will learn how to make a slime from starch without glue and other specified ingredients. We will need:

  • cornstarch – 50 grams;
  • sunflower oil-20 ml;
  • thick shampoo-20 ml;
  • dye – 10 ml.

The last ingredient can not be added-here at your discretion.

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How to make a slime with cornstarch at home

Let’s make a reservation at once! The ingredients were added by eye, so the proportion is conditional. If it is thick, add oil , if liquid-respectively connect solution. The sequence of making slime from cornstarch without glue is as follows:

  1. Add shampoo to the container;
  2. Add a little vegetable oil;
  3. Stir and pour, if you want a dye (any color);
  4. Fill the fluffy with cornstarch , as much as necessary.

As you stir with a stick or Cutlery, you will be able to understand that the slime is almost ready. As soon as all the moisture is absorbed, take it in your hands and knead it.

Why slime without glue cannot be created?

If you did everything correctly, guessed the proportion and performed the task consistently, you should get a slime like soft plasticine or a fluffy slime. Most often, mistakes are made due to inconsistent addition of ingredients. Once again, please note that first you need to fill the container with shampoo, then sunflower oil, then dye, and only at the last stage, cornstarch. What to do if the Slime without glue did not work?

  1. If the cornstarch slime is too hard, try adding sunflower oil;
  2. If handgum very liquid – you need to add potato starch and stir until thickened;
  3. If the “slime” breaks – you need to add a little shampoo.

How to keep slime with cornstarch with no glue?

It is important to understand that this Slime is initially very similar to plasticine. At the slightest contact with sunlight , it can turn into a souvenir, not “slime”. Therefore, it is important to store the cornstarch slime correctly. To do this, you can use a plastic jar or any other container that is well fixed, the lid should fit tightly, not allowing oxygen. It is best to find a secluded place for such a slime: in the closet or refrigerator. Any slime likes the cold.

If left overnight on the table or in an open place , for sure, the Slime has already begun to dry up . In this case, you need to put it in a container and add a little vegetable oil and shampoo.

Thus, it is quite possible to do without glue to make a slime from cornstarch. Share your impressions, friends.

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