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How to make a slime in 1 minute – easy and fast

After implementing several slime recipes, we came to a simple conclusion – the key ingredients are glue and borax. At the same time, at least several options for preparing slimes without using PVA or borax are fake. In most cases, at least one of these components must be present for making fluffy or other varieties of fun, but quite dangerous toys. It is striking that a huge number of different instructions were tested in the experiments. However, almost every second option is worse than the slime recipe from PVA glue and borax.

The easiest slime recipe

A certain proportion was not used for making. In this case, it is not necessary. It took a long time to think about how to make a slime from PVA glue and borax. Just followed a simple recipe:

  1. Poured half a tube of PVA glue into a bowl;
  2. Added 5-10 grams of borax;
  3. Stirred and it turned ready.

Just a few seconds later, it becomes clear that this easy recipe works. However, to be honest, we did not expect such a good result. Slime turned ready like gelatin, but stable. You can tear it up and it will be poured back. You can stretch. If you want , run the air inside, it will burst. In General, the toy is excellent.

How will the Slime with PVA and borax looks like?

After just an hour, we decided to check the properties of our Slime. It turned ready that one of the easiest Slime recipes allows you to make a top slime. It stretches like gum and does not deteriorate over time.

After about 3 days, the Slime began to lose its properties. They did not restore the slime, as they plan to do a lot of work on other variations of the Slime. But you should know that 90% of the slimes can be restored as soon as they begin to lose their properties. In some cases, two slimes are mixed. Sometimes it is advisable to add toothpaste. In our case, you can try to support under the pressure of hot water.

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