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Gift packaging boxes templates – 10 very good ideas with schemes

#1 a Gift box in the shape of a Cup

Really original and Packed gifts are appreciated much more than the usual gifts in a gift bag. Pay special attention to this charming box of paper, which can be made with your own hands with the help of our scheme.

How to make a Cup

How to make lid

#2 Box “Christmas sweater”

Here is a beautiful gift box can be made with their own hands. To do this, You will need a scheme that you can download on our website, scissors, glue and a little patience.

Download scheme

#3 Box with bow clasp

Quite easy to manufacture, but very original box for a gift. You will need a square sheet of wrapping paper, glue and master class instructions. 15 minutes — and Your gift box is ready!

#4 Scheme of cardboard gift box

A cardboard box for a Christmas gift is very simple to make, but for this You will need not only cardboard, but also scissors (a stationery knife) and glue or double-sided tape (for secure fixation). Below is a step by step master class in manufacturing, follow\I which You can quickly and easily make a box of cardboard with their hands.

#5 Gift wrapping paper egg tray cupcakes

If you want to give a delicious gift in the form of cupcakes or muffins, then the ideal packaging for such a gift will be a paper tray for eggs. Cut off the desired number of compartments, decorate the box on top of decorative elements, tie a ribbon and Voila! The gift is ready!

#6 Original box “a carton of milk”

Another incredibly cool Christmas box that will amaze anyone. The packaging is a simple thing You can do in such an unusual box. Make it quite simple, if you use the finished scheme, which can be downloaded from our website.

Download scheme

#7 Box with lid

With our simple scheme You can easily make a gift box with a lid made of paper with your own hands in just a few minutes. Put in a box as a gift, you can do anything from cute trinkets to handmade chocolates. Download scheme boxes can be below.

Download scheme

#8 Packing box with flower clasp

A simple scheme of a cute packing box with a flower clasp. Fast, beautiful, original. Treat dear people with a gift made with your own hands. Download the finished scheme can be below the link.

Download scheme

#9 Gift box “Petals”

A wonderful box for a Christmas gift with a lid in the shape of petals can be made with your own hands. In fact, the production of such delights not only does not take much time, but also will delight You with its charming appearance!

#10 Gift box for Christmas cake

Very cute cardboard box can be made with your own hands. It will be no worse than the store. In the box you can make a special bottom for the cake. Putting your little tasty gift in a special stand, you can not worry that all the cream will remain on the box. To make such a box of cardboard with your own hands, You need to print the template and follow the instructions of the master class.

Download scheme

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