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Gift ideas in the Harry Potter style (the best choice for the magical world of gifts)

Books and films about the boy wizard, who survived the attack of the evil Voldemort found fans around the world. And in this novel, fantasy is, as young lovers, and older people. So J. K. Rowling (author of books about “Harry Potter”) managed to unite several age generations, with the release of their thrilling tale. Well, since the main character of these stories, there is an army of loyal fans, the theme of current gifts remains burning. That is why in the framework of this review website going to share with You ideas on what to give Potteromania.

Each book of the author is full of some magic spells, unusual creatures, objects, as well as colorful characters. On the basis of each of the books you can create or pick up a lot of worthwhile gifts.

Choosing a gift for a Harry Potter fan

Tom Riddle’s Diary

This Horcrux will be a great addition to the collection of fans of books or movies about the magical world. Such a diary can be made independently or with partial effort, it is enough to buy a black diary, glue the owner’s name inscription on the back, and add bronze tips to the corners.

Ties of faculties

Naturally, every fan will want to get a different color, complemented by emblems ties. But you can stay at one, say the Gryffindor.

Harry’s Glasses

For greater effect, round glasses in the style of Harry can be placed in a small mini-suitcase or chest.

Invisibility cloak

Of course, it won’t be invisible, but the idea of a gift is great, right?!

Hogwarts school gown

It can be purchased in the online store, order individual tailoring in your city or try to make your own. Don’t forget the emblem of the student of the faculty of Gryffindor.

Books collection

Of course, a fan of this magical world will want to get a whole collection of books.

Collection of discs with movies

Also a great option present. Of course, the disks must be licensed, otherwise the gift may be spoiled.

Collection of games

Well, how can a fan of the world Harry can do without a game collection about your favorite character.


With the right mastic design, this cake will be a memorable present.

Marauder’s Map

This is the map, which the Weasley brothers gave Harry a Harry could watch the people in the territory of the school. It can be bought or made by yourself.

Sweets from the world of Harry Potter

Betsy bots beans or chocolate frog will be clearly appreciated. And if desired, they can be easily done independently. Although in fairness, it is worth noting that the beans have long been available in specialty stores, and Yes, they are also like the original will be with different flavors – boogers, vomiting, earth, lemon, etc.

Harry style suitcase

Remember, Harry and other students at the school were typical cases with rounded walls, so here is a mini version of this bag can be found in the video below.


This is just a great gift option, probably everyone wants to get such a watch, and let them not perform their duties, but what they are cool!


An adult fan can be handed a bottle of beer. You can even try to make it a special recipe, well, or simply remove the old stickers from the bottle and stick a new label with the desired name.

Potions collection

They can easily be made independently. All you need to buy small bottles, each filled with water tinted in a specific color, and glue the label with slogans like “amortentia … …” (aka drink of love), talkative potion (makes voice squeaky), wolf antidote (for werewolves), a potion of forgetfulness (erases memories), Polyjuice potion (allows you to change into another person).

Mr Weasley’s car

You can try to find a metal model of this car, which by the way is called Ford England.

The monster book of monsters

It can be a box or a book for records. They are sold by craftsmen, as well as the official manufacturer of such boxes, which even move their teeth. How to make such a book we showed here.

Magic wand

A lot of them sold on the Internet, with any of the characters, from Harry and ending with Bellatrix Lestrange. And of course they can be made independently, using a dry branch, decorating it with a hot glue gun, and then painted in the desired color.

Writing materials

It can be a pen with a tip, as well as a jar of ink.


Personally, we most liked the Snitch in the form of a clock on a chain, but the bracelet with this character also looks interesting.


A very worthy gift, a gifted person will definitely be happy.


You can say, give the trinity – Harry, Ron and Hermione, or pay attention to the story models, as in the example below. Presented here are Dumbledore, Harry and Fawkes – the Phoenix.

Different decorations

You can buy earrings in the form of flywheels of time, pendant philosopher’s stone or rings with the image of faculties.


It can be a clutch bag envelope inviting Harry to school, which for so long he did not give members of the family Dursley. In addition, it can be a shoulder bag with The Marauder’s Map.

Harry Potter USB Flash

You can also try to find a drive in the form of a LEGO character, copying the image of Harry. Fun and original!

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