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7 easy recipes: How to make slime with glue in 2020

The main components of any slime, both homemade and from shop, are a polymer and a contact solution. In addition to them, the toy often includes dyes, sequins and other decorative elements, however, it is the contact solution and polymer that form the basis of the recipe, without which you will not be able to make a slime. At home, borax is usually used as a contact solution, and glue is used as a polymer (the best brands of glue for slime). Read about how to make a slime from different types of glue in this article!

How choose glue for making slime

All slimes are made on the same principle. First you need to mix the bulk (glue, water, shaving foam, shampoo, air plasticine, etc.), then add an activator (borax, boric acid, washing powder, air freshener, etc.), mix and knead thoroughly with your hands.

Always add a little contact solution, stir for 3-5 minutes, and only then add more contact solution if necessary. Too much contact solution will make the slime hard and “rubbery” (if this happens, read how to soften the slime).

How to make slime with puzzle glue

The main advantages of this glue: its low price (on average – 1 USD for 80 g and no smell. The glue is transparent, it can be used to make a glass slime.

Please note that the glue for puzzles does not need to be mixed with water. The mass may seem homogeneous, but when adding a contact solution, the glue will curdle, and the water will have to be drained.

To increase the size of this slime, mix the glue with shaving foam or glycerin.

Slime for old or non-working glue

The glue may not collapse due to an expired shelf life or poor quality. There are several ways to make a slime out of non-working glue:

  • Mix with other glue. Mix the tested, working glue with the damaged one, then add the activator. The main thing is that the working glue should not be less than ½ of the total mass of the slime.

How to fix bad PVA glue for making slimes

  • Add a film mask. The mask-film for the face will help thicken the non-working glue and give the slime a gloss. Enough Add 1-2 tbsp of the mask , mix slime intensively.
  • Shower gel. Instead of a mask-film, you can use a shower gel, shampoo or hair styling lotion.

Keep in mind that sometimes you just need to add more contact solution or mix the mass more intensively to make the glue curl.

How to make slime with Elmer’s glue

Elmer’s is an American brand of PVA glue. It is considered one of the best for making slimes, as it works with all types of contact solutions. In the slime of this glue, you can add water, shaving foam, hand cream etc.

The main drawback of Elmer’s glue is the high price.

On the market there are cheaper analogues of this glue – PVA company Erich Krause.

Slime with wallpaper glue

Wallpaper glue is usually sold in large packages and is not very expensive. Before you start making the slime, you must prepare the glue itself in accordance with the instructions on the package. By itself, Wallpaper glue does not collapse, so you need to add 3-4 tablespoons of transparent glue or PVA. Slimes from such glue are obtained dense, more resembling slime.

How to make slime with super glue

Using superglue, it is difficult to make a good slime, because such an antistress will dry up in about a day, and it will not be possible to restore it. This is more of an interesting experiment than a real slime (more slime recipes with glue).

Method of making: pour into a deep container of water. Then squeeze out a tube of glue, stir with a spoon or stick. Since the glue is water-repellent, it will not stir, but will gather in a single lump. Remove the slime from the container, squeeze out the excess water and stir. Soon the glue will dry up and stop sticking to your hands.

When working with glue, always ventilate the room, and wear rubber gloves or a plastic bag on your hands. Children under 12 years of age are not recommended to use this glue.

Slime with construction glue

PVA joiner’s glue can be used for making slimes. It works just as well as the PVA from the stationery store.

Construction glue is sold in large packages of 250-500 g and is cheaper than the same amount of office PVA.

The only drawback of this glue is a yellowish hue, which makes it impossible to make a completely white slime.

You can also make a slime from synthetic glue for fabric, paper, and wood.

The slime with silicate glue

Transparent office glue properties are almost identical to PVA. It can be used to make a glass, translucent, or colored slime.

To increase the volume, you can add water, shampoo, shaving foam, etc.

How to thicken the slime from the glue

The most common activator is borax (sodium tetraborate). But what to do if it is not at home? You will not be able to make a slime without a contact solution at all, but you can do without borax:

  • Flour or starch. Flour and starch are the most affordable and safe contact solutions. With their help, you can make a slime for a small child and not be afraid that the baby will start an allergic reaction. However, the slime from flour is very short-lived (2-3 days) and more like dough.
  • Air freshener. Aerosol air fresheners thicken slime as well as borax. Experiment with the brands of glue and freshener that are sold in your city to find the right combination.

Contact solutions for slimes:

  • Salt. To make a slime with salt and glue, dissolve 1 tablespoon of salt in 5 tablespoons of water, then pour the solution into a bowl with glue and leave for 15-20 minutes without stirring. Now you need to drain the excess water, knead the slime in your hands and decorate. It will not be very viscous, but if there are no other contact solutions, and you want to make a slime – this method is quite suitable.
  • Naphthyzinum. Naftizin nasal drops work well with almost any glue. Use drops in the same way as borax – add 2-3 drops and mix thoroughly.
  • Liquid for lenses. An effective contact solution that works with almost all types of glue.
  • Gel for washing. The most effective are considered “Percil”, “Weasel” and “Vanish”. But you can experiment with other brands. You can also use washing powder, after dissolving it in 1-2 tablespoons of water.
  • Perfume. Perfume will not only thicken the glue, but also give it a pleasant aroma. Only those that are alcohol-based will work.

Something to add to the slime with glue

Slime consisting only of glue, activator and dye quickly gets bored. In addition, it is difficult to make it large without spending a lot of glue.

To increase the volume of a slime and make it more interesting, you can add it to it:

  • Hand soap, detergent, or shampoo. Slime with the addition of detergents becomes jelly-like and translucent. Soap needs about 1/3 of the total weight of the slime. If you add more, the antistress will be too liquid and may not thicken at all.
  • Air plasticine. Air mass for modeling is suitable for making butter-slime or handgam. It should be mixed with a ready-made, i.e. activated slime.
Air plasticine
Air plasticine
  • Glycerin. If you add 1-2 tablespoons of glycerol to the glue, the slime will turn out more brilliant, and the structure will resemble butter. Glycerin is sold in a pharmacy and costs about 1 USD per jar.

You should try 4 slime recipes with glue ELMER’S!

  • Foam balls. With their help, you will get a crunch-slime that will crunch in your hands. However, if you add too many of them, the slime will start to tear when stretched. Balls can be purchased in the store or taken from the bean bag chair (pears).
  • Glitter. Use glitter sold in a stationery store to add a slick of glitter.
  • Shaving foam. If you add a little foam, it will simply increase the amount of anti-stress. If you want to get a fluffy slime, mix the slime with foam in a 1:1 ratio.
  • Hand cream. Children’s hand cream will make the slime more soft and plastic, as well as add volume.

When using additives, pay attention to their smell. For example, not everyone likes the smell of shaving foam. The soap and shampoo come in different flavors. Choose the additives that you like the most.

When the slime is ready, it should be removed in an airtight container and put in a cool place.


Almost all types of PVA glue are well suited for making slime, as well as:

  • Silicate glue;
  • Glue for jigsaw puzzles;
  • Wallpaper glue;
  • Superglue.

In addition to borax (sodium tetraborate), you can use it as a contact solution:

  • Flour;
  • Air freshener;
  • Salt solution;
  • Liquid for lenses;
  • Washing gel;
  • Spirits based on alcohol.

When trying a new type of glue or contact solution, make a small slime first, so as not to waste the ingredients in case of failure.

You can add to the slime:

  • Hand soap or shampoo;
  • Air plasticine;
  • Glycerin;
  • Shaving foam;
  • Foam balls;
  • Hand cream;
  • Gel with glitter.

Pay attention to the smell of the additive!

Following our recommendations, you can make your own unusual and unique slime at home.

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