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4 slime recipes with glue ELMER’S

In today’s article, you will learn how to make a slime from glue ELMER’S and what you can add to it in addition as a contact solution. ELMER’s Glue is TOXIC.

Slime recipes with Elmer’s glue

In addition to the glue and contact solution, there are a number of ingredients that you can use to improve the slime:

  • Water is useful in the case of this glue because it is very thick. Pour water into the glue in the proportions of 1: 6 and mix thoroughly, only then add something else.
  • Baby oil will give a glossy shine and softness.
  • Shaving cream will help to make the cream airy and crisp, and also give volume.
  • Shampoo, toothpaste or shower gel will soften the slime and leave a pleasant smell.
  • Hand cream will increase elasticity and softness.
  • Mask-film. It can also be used as a base, but if you add it with glue, the slime will be more elastic. You can also replace it with water and dilute the thick glue.

The first recipe:

  1. In a bowl, pour the glue, add water and mix thoroughly until smooth.
  2. Add shampoo, toothpaste and hand cream and stir.
  3. Add any activator (preferably borax.

You will get the simplest soft and airy slime.

The second recipe:

  1. Mix the glue with water into a homogeneous mass.
  2. Add shaving foam and baby oil and mix thoroughly.
  3. Add any activator.

You’ll get a fluffy slime.

The third recipe:

  1. Mix the glue and the film mask.
  2. Add baby oil and activator.

Slime will turn out with a beautiful gloss.

The fourth recipe:

  1. Mix the glue and the mask-film.
  2. Add shaving cream and mix.
  3. Pour baby oil and shower gel, mix.
  4. Adding an activator.

You’ll get a glossy fluffy slime.

If desired, you can add dyes, sequins, sponge squares, beads, hand gum, kinetic sand, clay for modeling, etc. Your slime will be pleasant not only to the touch, but also to the view.

How to replace borax

What can replace sodium tetraborate (borax):

  • Liquid for lenses.
  • Starch in liquid form.
  • Soda diluted with water (how to make a slime from soda and glue).
  • Eye drops.
  • Gel for washing.

Borax is non-toxic, like Elmer`s glue (what IS TOXIC). It does not emit harmful vapors, does not harm the skin, but is very dangerous if consumed orally. The toy should never be eaten.Slime from PVA glue – safe recipes of popular slimes!


Elmer`s glue is suitable for making slime, but watch carefully for children, if you make a slime from this glue, it emits harmful fumes.

Оптимальным вариантом для хрустящего мягкого лизуна с чистым белом цветом будет универсальный клей момент столяр.

Shaving cream will make the slime airy, baby oil will add gloss, hand cream will soften the toy. Don’t be afraid to add them.

Borax can be easily replaced if necessary.

Watch the children playing with slime. This toy can not be eaten, leaning against the eyes and ears.

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