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3 easy recipes: How to make slime with toothpaste

It is difficult to say how much time and ingredients were spent precisely on the recipes for toothpaste slime. They tried to make it out of soda , cornstarch, baby powder, and even perfume. As a result, we were repeatedly disappointed, checking different versions of cooking your favorite toy at the request of our subscribers. But we got experience. Now he can tell you how to make a slime from toothpaste in different ways at home. Let’s look at the five best, in our opinion, recipes. As you have already understood, each of them was tested by us, and pleased with its properties as a result.

3 ways to make slime with toothpaste

There are a lot of ways to make a slime from toothpaste, but really working recipes are much less. Best for this task are such contact solution as borax, boric acid and lens agent. The best basis for this is plasticine, glue and thick washing liquids. At the same time, we should tell you about simpler recipes for slime, because most of our dear subscribers are interested in easy options for implementation at home. Accordingly, below are not only complex, but also easy recipes. Obviously, the more ingredients-the better the Slime. Keep in mind.

Slime recipe with toothpaste without glue

Among the simplest options, we liked the recipe for slime made with toothpaste without glue the most. Instead of thickening, sugar and thick shampoo were used. Ingredients:

  • shampoo – 30 ml;
  • Colgate toothpaste-15 grams;
  • flour-3 teaspoons.

Friends, here we should immediately say that with other brands of these ingredients were not checked. Why? Because this recipe attracts Slime only one advantage – the ingredients are in every home. At the same time, the quality leaves much to be desired. But if you are just beginning to explore handgum, You have to like.

Prepare as follows:

  1. Add the toothpaste to the container;
  2. Fill the top with a shampoo;
  3. Fill with a flower and mix until you can make a foam;
  4. You can add glycerine if you want to add shine.

Simple slime with toothpaste and glue

Perhaps the most surprising in terms of ingredients is the toothpaste and glue – just two products, and it works. We used Colgate and office PVA glue. You should immediately say that you will not be able to quickly make a slime. It is important that it stands for 48 hours in a plastic bag.

For cooking, you need to use a whole tube of the cheapest Colgate toothpaste and a whole tube of glue. Mix for about 3 minutes and cover the container where they were cooking with a bag, so that the air does not pass inside. We put it in a place protected from sunlight.

You should get a fairly good slime, the only drawback of which is the cooking time. If you are not in a hurry , you can wait 2 days , but this is one of the easiest recipes that really works.

Multi-colored fluffy-slime with contact solution

The best toothpaste slime is a multi-colored fluffy that can be made in the form of cotton wool. If you want to make such a slime, you need to act consistently taking into account the following proportion:

  • PVA glue-75 ml;
  • liquid soap – 3 teaspoons;
  • toothpaste – 3 teaspoons;
  • water – 1 teaspoon;
  • borax-30 ml;
  • purple, blue and pink dye.

First, you need to add soap, water and toothpaste to the container. Next, whisk until you can mix into a foam. To do this, you can use a mixer or whisk. You will need to whisk for about 3-5 minutes to achieve the best result.

After completing the above task, you need to add glue and contact solution. Mix, and it turns out a very airy white slime.

To give it a more beautiful look, we have divided the slime into 3 parts. One was painted purple, the second blue, and the third pink. Connected them.

The result fully met, and even exceeded expectations.

Why didn’t the toothpaste slime thicken?

If you didn’t manage to make a slime out of toothpaste, most likely you didn ‘t have enough contact solution. In simple recipes it can be represented by the following ingredients:

  • flour is a good contact solution, but slime turns out like plasticine;
  • soda or sugar- you need to put in the refrigerator. Most likely, not enough time has passed. If removed early from a cold place , add a thickener and leave for another 1-2 hours;
  • borax or lens cleaner – if you make it out of glue, and it didn ‘t work, most likely, you poured a little contact colution. Add a little more , you don’t need to wait, the result will be visible immediately.

I should add that slimes from sugar, soda, salt and powder works not so long. As soon as they get hot, they start to stick to your hands . If it didn’t work out , share your comments, indicating which recipe you tried to implement. Our authors will respond as soon as possible.

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