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20 recipes: How to make slime at home

Slime- a toy in the form of slime, first presented to the public in 1976. The founder is considered to be Mattel, which released the first Slime in the form of green.

After the release of the series “Ghostbusters”, this toy received a “second wind”, and many new manufacturers have already appeared, and in the common people handgam began to be called Slime in honor of the main staff of the film project. However, unofficial sources indicate that the first recipe for “slime” was created completely by accident by a little girl who mixed several ingredients at her dad’s office. Whether it is true or not is unknown. However, the fact that today many children are interested in how to make slime at home, and manage to come up with new recipes, encourages you to believe it. We offer to make sure of this by means of the top 20 cooking options for various slimes.

How to make slime with borax

This substance with the chemical formula Na₂B₄O₇ has long been popular in performing various household tasks. Even more often, the sodium salt of boric acid is used in industry. Who would have thought a few years ago that now this product will become one of the most important components of slime and will be used at home to create slime.

I immediately want to answer a few questions:

  • Is it safe to make a slime using borax? “Yes, if you don’t eat it .” This inorganic compound does not harm the skin of the hands, if there is no Allergy;
  • What are the analogs? – boric acid and lens cleaner. These substances are also often used as an alternative for making slime;
  • Where can I buy borax? – sold in almost any pharmacy.

Now let’s look at the most original and proven recipes.

Original bubble slime

Undoubtedly, this is an original recipe for slime, which you want to make even out of personal interest. Actually, we have checked it and recommend it. Plus, you can create bubbles that are fun to pop. For preparation, you need a dye, glue, activator in the form of borax or lens agent. We used the second option. You don’t have to spend a lot of time cooking. It is enough to fill in the stationery glue or PVA or pencil glue, add a dye of any color and add a few drops of thickener on top. As soon as it begins to thicken, cover the table with a thin layer and throw ribbons on top so that the air penetrates inside. You can make a large bubble or several at once. Of course, for a long time bubble slime will not hold, but you will definitely have time to enjoy the fun with such an antistress.

Conclusion: a good Slime not too long retains its properties.

Complex ice slime

Quite a lot of experiments had to be carried out to select the best ways of cooking slime in domestic conditions. Among the variety of recipes , among which there were many fake ones, I liked this one . Ingredients:

  • ice;
  • borax;
  • PVA glue.

It is worth saying at once that it is quite difficult to make a slime from borax and ice. You must act carefully and consistently. At the first stage, we place the container where we will cook in the freezer. Next, add ice to the bowl , fill with cold water and fill with PVA glue . After that, you need to use borax-drip in a circle, and slowly stir to the center. Pieces of the mixture will begin to form. It is necessary to interfere dynamically, gradually increasing the speed. It won ‘t last long, but it’s really cool. It may not work the first time!

Conclusion: a complex recipe. Not everyone can do it the first time. We were only able to collect it on the third attempt.

Luminous boron powder slime

The best Slime is a magnetic slime, which requires products from a hardware store to prepare. In particular, you will need to buy boron powder. Liquid borax won’t do. In addition, to implement the recipe, you need : PVA glue, dye, and phosphoric paint. The process of creating “slime” looks like this:

  • Pour a glass of cold water;
  • Add about 40 ml of glue;
  • Stir as the dye is added;
  • Fall asleep powder of boron and phosphorus.

As a result, you will be able to make a slime that will glow in the dark. For the best effect, you need to sprinkle with iron oxide powder . In this case, the toy will also be attracted to iron surfaces.

Conclusion: the result is great.

Methods of cooking with glue

Despite the variety of recipes , glue is still one of the best contact solution for cooking slime. Not only do such ways of making a “anti-stress ” effective from the point of view of durability of the toys, so they are still simple. You just need to mix PVA with borax, without adhering to any proportions, to make sure of this . However, you should not limit yourself to this option, because there are many different types of glue in office magizines, which, in turn, allow us to make different slime:

  • silicate – excellent for creating transparent “slime”. Since it contains a sodium solution, it is well combined with boric acid and borax. As a result, it is possible to make a really strong and long- lasting Lizun;
  • PVA is the best contact solution for fluffy slime, which is made using shaving foam, gel, and other ingredients;
  • glue – paired with shampoo, gel, brown allows you to prepare elastic mucus. If the correct proportion is observed, you can make a slime similar to its store counterparts: “Ranch”, “Ninja” and others.

The easiest recipe for slime with PVA glue

It will take several seconds to implement this method of cooking slimes. To do this, you need to buy a jar of liquid borax at the pharmacy, PVA glue and sequins at the stationery store ( if desired). Using jewelry, you can make a slime with bubbles that will burst in the process. The cooking procedure looks like this:

  • In the container where the slime will be prepared, fill the entire tube of PVA glue;
  • Fill in sequins or beads;
  • Add the borax, stirring the composition in parallel, until it begins to thicken.

As soon as it begins to take up the spoon, take it in your hands and start to stir. It is advisable to use gloves at the first stage of cooking .

Conclusion: a simple and cool slime, proven.

Recipe for Slime with shampoo and glue

To make a slime from glue and shampoo. Using these ingredients, you will not have to worry about the exact proportion. It is enough to prepare the products , container and sticks, the dye with which we will mix the composition. The order of completing the task is as follows:

  • Pour out the glue in an amount of 50 ml;
  • Top add shampoo ½ of the amount;
  • Stir by adding your favorite color of gouache.

After a few minutes, you will be able to make a beautiful Slime. If it turns out to be too viscous, you can add glue. Put in the refrigerator for 20 minutes . You should immediately say that this is not the best recipe, but it is simple.

Conclusion: a good Lizun, but you need exactly the glue.

Recipe with Cologne and silicate glue

This version of the Slime is only suitable for children who have consulted their parents. The fact is that perfume is now expensive. It is desirable that the house was a budget option. The following ingredients are required for cooking: simple perfume, dye, silicate glue. To make a good slime, you need to follow the sequence:

  • Fill the container with 100 milliliters of glue
  • Top with about 20 milliliters of dye (any color);
  • Mix and pour 50 milliliters of perfume.

It is necessary to say that this slime is going to smell good. The aroma of slime will not be to everyone’s taste.

Conclusion: not the best option, but if there is nothing else, you can experiment.

We make a matte slime with glue

To prepare a matte slime at home, we need PVA glue, borax and powdered dye. To be honest, such a slime is easy to make, and it looks really cool. First, pour half a tube of glue into the container, add borax and mix thoroughly. Top with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a matte dye. Great for silver or gold color. This recipe attracts because there is no special proportion. If you add a lot of glue, just pour a few more drops of borax. The dye is added until the characteristic shade appears. Actually, it will take a few minutes, and you can already warm up. The disadvantage is that it is too viscous, like rubber.

Conclusion: persistent, cool handgun.

Transparent Slime with sequins

By analogy to the above recipe, you can make slime more viscous at home . To do this, in addition to these ingredients (borax and PVA glue), we will need shower gel and sequins. Ingredients:

  • PVA glue (transparent) – 70 ml;
  • borax – 1 teaspoon;
  • sequins (on the eye);
  • shower gel – ½ tablespoons.

At the first stage, you need to pour the glue into the container, then the gel and mix thoroughly. Having received a homogeneous mass, we fill up the sequins and top with borax. The tetraborate should be poured as it is stirred. As soon as it thickens , knead it in your hands.

Conclusion: the recipe deserves attention.

How to make an edible slime

There are two pieces of news for you: the good news and the bad news. The first is a recipe for an edible slime that you can eat without worrying about your health. The second is the Slime, which can be made from food, but it is undesirable to eat it because of the high concentration of dye. Where to start? Perhaps, let’s start with the recipe for cooking a delicious version.

Recipe with chocolate paste

If you don’t know how to make a slime that you can eat – stock up on chocolate paste and Marshmallows. For this purpose, Nutella and “Cloud-Stuff” souffle are perfect. The recipe is performed in two stages. First, you need to melt the marshmallows. To do this, put 30 pieces in the microwave and warm up for about 60 seconds – this is enough. Now they look like shaving foam, and you need to add a contact solution. In this case, its role is performed by chocolate paste. Add to the bowl with the Nutella souffle with the calculation that for each tablespoon there are 3 marshmallows. When preparing an edible smile, it is important to thoroughly mix both ingredients so that the delicious toy does not turn out too thick. Of course, if you want to play. If not, it’s fine.

Conclusion: delicious, but not too sticky slime.

Slime with Coca-Cola or Fanta

For the preparation of this Slime, two types of drinks were used, but one of them will do . Better Fanta, if you will try slime taste, but even this option is not recommended to eat. The fact is that we will have to boil the drink, and at the bottom of the pan will remain a concentration of chemicals that are definitely not useful. Ingredients:

  • Coca-Cola or Fanta – 2,000 ml;
  • powdered sugar -500 g;
  • marshmallow – 10 pieces;
  • vanilla – 50 g.

Making an edible slime from drinks is not easy due to the complexity of the recipe:

  • First, you need to boil 2 liters of the drink on the fire (in a deep pot) to such a state that at the bottom there is about 150 ml of viscous liquid;
  • Pour the powder into a plate and pour in black or orange jam, depending on which drink was used;
  • Put the marshmallows in the microwave and hold for about 1 minute;
  • Mix and add vanilla.

As soon as the ingredients turn into a homogeneous mass, take it in your hands and firmly mash it.

Conclusion: a difficult to implement, but interesting recipe.

Slime recipes with shampoos

The lion’s share of slime recipes are based on hair gel or shampoos. To learn how to make slimes using these ingredients, you need to learn a few Golden rules:

  • Shampoo or gel should be thick – otherwise you will not be able to make a sticky toy, it will spread out on the table and tear;
  • You need a contact solution – soda or salt is most often used as a binding component. If you notice that Your handgam is too liquid, you need to add a few pinches of these products;
  • Cold – in most cases, the refrigerator allows you to achieve the best result after cooking such a slime. Depending on the recipe, the prepared slime will need to be put on the cold and held for 30 minutes to 3 hours, sometimes more.

Below are a few proven ways to prepare Slime using shampoos and other products at home.

Slime with hair gel and PVA glue

Perhaps, let’s start with the simplest recipe for slime with gel, which requires a minimum of time and ingredients to prepare.

At the first stage you should prepare all the necessary products:

  • thick gel – 3 h/l;
  • food dye – 1 h / l;
  • salt-until it thickens.

You should immediately say that if you want to make a good slime, this option will not suit you, because the slime will turn out to be too viscous,but there will be no significant costs. These products are available in every home. Cooking process:

  • Pour the gel into the container;
  • Add the dye;
  • Cover with salt and stir;
  • As soon as it begins to thicken, put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Note that this slime will not last long. If you want to create a really cool slime, then go ahead.

Conclusion: the quality leaves much to be desired, an option for beginners.

Slime with cornstarch without glue

No, this is not an ideal slime, but it can be made at home with a minimum of products. You don’t have to go to a stationery store or pharmacy at all – isn’t that great? It is enough to have only a few ingredients that everyone has in their everyday life, namely:

  • cornstarch-50 g;
  • dye – 10 g;
  • shower gel or shampoo-20 ml;
  • sunflower oil-10 ml.

If there is no dye, you can do without it. Perform the recipe as follows:

  1. In a convenient container pour a thick shampoo;
  2. Add vegetable oil on top of it;
  3. If there is a powder dye, pour it on top;
  4. Mix thoroughly and add the starch.

It is necessary to interfere until then, until the mucus starts to stick to the sticks. If it doesn ‘t work, add the cornstarch.

Conclusion: not the best quality, bad contact solution, but a simple recipe.

Quick slime with salt and shampoo

Immediately it is worth saying that not every shampoo is suitable for cooking this slime. You need a very thick version. We used American Olay. If you do not have access to such a product, it is better to look for an alternative recipe. For cooking, we needed a significant amount of table salt – about 200 grams. The plus of the recipe is that the Slime will be completely safe, but it does not always work out.

In a normal container, add 3-4 teaspoons of shampoo. After that, add salt in small portions , without ceasing to stir. Adding a suitable density (on the eye), put the Slime in the refrigerator. After 30 minutes, take out and begin to knead. Note that this slime will stick to your hands , and it will not be stored for a long time.

Conclusion: you can’t play for a long time, it doesn’t always work out.

We make slime with shaving foam

Fluffy-slimes – lush, airy and very soft slimes. In most cases , you need to use shaving foam to prepare them. However, there are alternatives. The main thing in this case is that the Slime does not spread, but has the form of a very soft plasticine, let’s say . Keep in mind that the task usually requires a lot of foam , so you will either have to go to the store or upset your dad.

Recipe with shampoos and salts

One of the most popular slime recipes is considered to be a puff using shampoos, foam, salt and PVA. For making slime, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Pour 30 milliliters of thick gel or shampoo into the container;
  2. Top with 3 cups of foam;
  3. Sprinkle 2-3 pinches of salt and mix thoroughly;
  4. After getting a homogeneous mass, add the PVA glue.

At the last stage of slime preparation, you need to stir the liquid well , and then start to knead with your hands. Next, put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes .

Conclusion: it is also not stored for a long time, but it is pleasant to the touch.

Regular Cloud slime

Another quite original cloud-slime, for the preparation of which we need several ingredients that can be purchased in the store of household goods . Namely:

  • PVA glue-150 ml;
  • artificial snow;
  • shaving foam – 30 ml;
  • face wash foam-10 ml;
  • hair mousse-10 ml;
  • baby oil-10 ml;
  • borax-3 ml.

To implement a difficult recipe, first you need to dilute artificial snow with a heat carrier (water), as indicated in the instructions. Add it to the pre- mixed ingredients ( no matter in what order). The result should be a lush slime that will crunch.

Conclusion: a chic, long-lasting Slime.

Proven slime with Elmer glue

We are talking about a rather complex recipe for slime from shaving foam, since to create it, you will need to find a special glue “Elmer” and an exhaustive number of other ingredients. In particular: salt, water, lens cleaner, shaving foam, dye. Cooking procedure:

  1. To make such a slime, first you need to add foam (3 cups), water (50 ml), dye and gently mix it all;
  2. Top with glue “Elmer” and pour the liquid for the lenses. If it hasn ‘t started to thicken, some more borax.

At the last stage, you need to mash your favorite “antistress” until it stops sticking to your hands .

Conclusion: a viscous, soft slime.

Best plasticine Fluffy

Many people definitely underestimate the possibilities of air plasticine , but it can be used to make the best puff-slime at home , from the recipes that we have seen. In any case, you will not regret using the following ingredients:

  • cornstarch in the amount of 40 g;
  • shaving foam – 5 tablespoons;
  • shampoo-40 ml;
  • air plasticine – 1 piece.

To create a toy, you will need to add shampoo to the container, and then foam, top with cornstarch and mix thoroughly several times. Next, we throw plasticine and start to push until it is wrapped in other ingredients. If you want, you can add a few grams of food coloring.

Conclusion: a simple and cool recipe.

How to make slime with toothpaste

The advantage of the recipes described below is that the main ingredient for their preparation is in every home. However, not every toothpaste is suitable for making slime. We used Dental or Colgate in each of these cases . As a result, each slime met expectations, but not all are equally good. There is already have to start from, what are the products and what you expect from handgum.

Sticky slime without starch and NO glue

Perhaps the easiest way to prepare a Slime at home from toothpaste. To implement this recipe, you only need a few ingredients: shampoo, starch, water.

First you need to make a base. To do this, squeeze out 10 milliliters of toothpaste, add shampoo and stir. It is advisable to put it in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes After that, you need to add starch and a few spoonfuls of our solution to the water. Now cover our mixture with a bag and send it to the cold again, but for about 40 minutes . Expect something supernatural from this recipe is not worth it, but due to its simplicity, we could not help but tell.

Conclusion: weak quality, but a simple slime. If there are alternative products, it is better not to do so .

Slime made with shaving gel and toothpaste

This is a more complex and high- quality cooking option in terms of durability and beauty of the Slime. If you do not know how to make your own slime from toothpaste, we recommend paying attention to this recipe:

  • silicate glue-100 ml;
  • food dye – 5 ml;
  • toothpaste – 2 teaspoons;
  • borax – 1 teaspoon;
  • shaving gel – 2 teaspoons.

First, pour the gel on the bottom of the bowl , then add the toothpaste and mix. On top of the dye and glue. At the last stage, add borax (sodium tetraborate) and stir until the Slime begins to turn out . If something is missing, add a little more tetraborate and glue.

Вывод: неплохой слайм, долго держится.

Recipe with toothpaste and liquid for lenses

Another proven Slime, which requires a lot of ingredients to prepare. But it works! To make it at home, you need to prepare 1 tablespoon of soda, dye, lens cleaner, toothpaste and office glue. Prepare as follows:

  • Fill the bottom of the pan with gel;
  • Top with toothpaste, baking soda and dye;
  • Mix thoroughly and add 40 ml of glue;
  • At the last stage, you need to add a lens cleaner.

The amount of liquid for your lenses depends on how much you added to the shower gel . If you overdo it, you will have to add glue, as well as an alternative to borax. As for the toothpaste, 10 ml is enough in any case. On average, it takes 3-5 minutes to cook.

Conclusion: one of the best options.

Save the recipes so that you don ‘t miss the opportunity to make a cool slime.

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