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10 packaging gift box design templates – great ideas and schemes to download

#1 Box “Heart of four parts”

A nice package consisting of four boxes can be made using our scheme. Give your loved one is not one, but four new year’s gift — this is a real manifestation of love. Download scheme with four boxes and the basis for them can be below.

#2 Box made in origami technique

To make such a gift box You do not need any scheme or template. To make a box of paper with a lid You only need a sheet of paper. The main condition — the sheet must be square. Clearly follow the instructions of the master class and in 10 minutes you will have ready a lovely gift box origami, made with their own hands.

#3 one more option boxes-origami

This box looks very similar to the previous one, but the method of manufacturing is slightly different. In the manufacture of this box You will need scissors, but the scheme is not needed: only a square sheet of paper. Follow the instructions of the master class and You will succeed!

#4 Box in origami technique “three-Dimensional triangle”

If You want to bother and ready-made templates are not for You, then be sure to pay attention to this difficult and very effective gift box. You’ll need paper and patience. Well, then follow the instructions and you will succeed!

#5 Another origami box

If You like to make gift boxes without templates, glue and scissors, but only with the help of the correct bends of paper, then You will appreciate this box.

#6 Closing box in origami technique

Well, one more option boxes in the art of origami. Is quite simple, especially if you follow the instructions. By the way, the steps to manufacture the boxes is described below in a photo of the user.

#7 Box “Cupcake”

Original gift packaging for a gift for the New year will be a box in the form of a cupcake. It looks very impressive, but the creation will have a little sweat. In General, there is nothing complicated in creating this box, you only need patience and imagination! A step-by-step master class, see below.

#8 And another “Cupcake”

And here is another variation on the theme of a gift box in the form of cupcake. The manufacturing scheme is very similar to the previous one, but You may like it!

#9 cookie Gift box

Ready-made scheme for the manufacture of cardboard boxes with their hands. All you need is to use our ready-made scheme, which you need to print out, cut out of cardboard, and then glue in accordance with the master class.

Download schemes

#10 Chinese style Gift box

In such a box, made with their own hands, you can put anything. And most importantly, it is done quickly and easily.

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