Round cardboard box – how to make

Must be cut from porous cardboard packaging 4 clubs, two of them should be slightly larger than the other two. From beer cardboard cut two strips in size circles, with a margin of overlap, one wide, the other narrow.Glue together with double-sided tape or glue moment 2 large-sized mug, then glue the remaining 2 mug.

From smaller circles we will create the base of the box, for this we apply a transparent moment on the sides of the circle, glue a strip of cardboard here, for strength on top of this strip you can stick another one.

Similarly, we act with a lid, stick a narrow cardboard strip around the perimeter of a large circle. From the ribbon, you can create a bow, for this cut the tape in half, its ends are glued to the inside of the lid, and the remaining tips are tied on top in the form of a bow.

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