Paper flowers from old Wallpaper with your own hands

Flowers are the best way to Express your sympathy for a person. They are given to women, men, children and adults. But also, at all times appreciated handmade. Making flowers from paper, from old Wallpaper with your hands you will show how you tried to make a nice person.

Many made similar products in kindergarten and elementary school mothers on the eighth of March (and sometimes even fathers on February 23). For this reason, it may seem that this activity is more suitable for a child than an adult, a wealthy person.

But in fact, the creation of flowers from paper and Wallpaper is an art, the main advantage of which is the budget, ease of development of technology and create masterpieces that will not wither the next day. In addition, you do not need to tear fresh flowers.

Is it hard to make paper flowers?

Many can stop the memories of how they made paper flowers for a long time in childhood. Not everyone stayed positive memories on such subjects as “Fine arts”, “Crafts”, “Works” or “Work”.

Many did not manage to make smooth, beautiful flowers, and therefore as adults, people are sure that they are not able to do anything beautiful with their own hands. But it’s not. As a child, you only mastered the basic movements, and the teachers had a goal to develop fine motor skills.

After all, even doing simple origami, you trained your fingers. In the future, it helped children learn to write. Now you have developed fingers, so you wash to create masterpieces. To do this, you only need to carefully repeat the master class and follow all the instructions.

Tools and materials required for creation

Asking the question “How to make paper flowers?”, the second thing that comes to mind “What tools are needed for this?”. Let’s decide on the materials.

If you want to practice and just try your hand, suitable ordinary office paper (for example – “snow maiden”), it is not superfluous to buy a sheet of drawing paper or half-Batman. Their price does not exceed 20 rubles per sheet (one will be enough). To create colored leaves are well suited to the most common trim from Wallpaper. Surely every person left an extra couple of rolls after repair. Now is the time to use them.

Deciding to make complex products, be sure to buy colored, velvet and corrugated paper. Not be amiss and colorful cardboard.


With tools, everything is much easier than with the material. All you need is something to cut and fasten the paper. Surely these tools are in everyone’s home or office. If anything, they can be borrowed from the child.
You’ll need scissors, an awl, a box cutter. What would the sheets easier to cut, is not excessive and pencil with eraser. To fasten the details of future colors, you need glue (PVA, moment, glue-pencil, etc.), tape (normal, paper, double-sided, etc.), paper clips and buttons.

Making paper flowers

There is a great variety, both in nature and in artificial, paper flowers. To start, select a simple option (for example – “Flower wish”).

This will help you remember how to work with the material. In the manufacture of the bouquet you can use ready-made schemes and templates. You can print them out on the printer or simply attach a piece of paper to the monitor and circle it with a pencil.

Flower with a wish

Before you start, decide on the shape of the flower. Its leaves can be rounded, pointed, short and long.

  • Invented form draw on cardboard and carefully cut with scissors. This is done so that it would be possible to create a set of identical elements;
  • Attach the form to colored paper or Wallpaper and circle with a pencil. Blanks can be made from the same color or from colorful, multi-colored sheets;
  • Cut out the drawn elements. All of them must be absolutely identical.
  • On each leaf of your flower write a wish.
  • Lubricate the center of each part and glue them together. The leaves can be slightly bend with your fingers, to bring them volume and fluffiness.
  • The core can be made in many ways. The easiest is to cut out colored paper roundels and paste it into the center. But it is better to cut a lot of small “daisies” and glue them to the center.
  • Having finished the work, we can only come up with its application. You can buy a magnetic tape and glue it to the back of the flower. Get a nice fridge magnet.

Examples of wishes:

  • Joy of life!
  • True love!
  • Good mood!
  • What would the possibilities coincide with desires!
  • Good luck in all your endeavors!
  • Be happy!
  • Peace in your home!
  • Warmth and well-being!
  • Always smiling!
  • Good health!
  • Et al.

You could write wishes on each piece of paper to draw emoticons.

Another option is to attach to the back of the thread (use hot glue). This will allow you to hang the product on the Christmas tree, Cabinet handle, etc.

Perhaps the most difficult option is to make a few of these colors (not an even number, it is best 3 or 5). Take A3 cardboard, and fold it in half. You should have a book. On the front side, glue the three-dimensional flowers with wishes, and inside write a wish. Get a good card with their hands, suitable as an addition to the main gift.

Paper Rose DIY

Rose, this is the most popular of the colors. They love to give to lovers, children to parents, students favorite teachers. Their production is somewhat more complicated than the previous one. However, showing skill, you can easily create a masterpiece.

  • Cut three to five leaves of green cardboard;
  • From Wallpaper (bright color) cut: 3 single leaves, 4 blanks with six leaves.
  • From the first billets cut off three leaf, from the second two, and a third and fourth strip on one a leaf of;
  • Proceed to the collection of roses. Bend three single parts around the pencil and glue them together. Each blank having more than one petal, fasten (connect the extreme elements). Should get 4 rounded parts of the rose. Put one in the other (with more go to less). Miss all the hot glue (it can be PVA, hot is good because faster grasp the details). At the base of the rose, fix the greens;
  • “Fluff the rose”, pull the leaves, so you get three-dimensional flowers from old Wallpaper.

Making flowers on the stem

This technique is very specific and requires additional materials that are not usually used in other colors. You will need: thin wire (preferably green), wire cutters.

Sequence of work:

  • For work, take a double-sided colored paper of several shades. For example: blue, dark blue, light blue and light blue. Choose according to your taste. Use any color palette and shades.
  • Fold the colored paper several times. The result should be a stack of small squares or rectangles;
  • Mark the shape of future buds, it can be round, oval, etc.;
  • Cut out details on a contour and pierce them with a wire, previously having cut it clippers on stalks on 15-20 sm;
  • Fix the parts on the edge of the wire by dropping a drop of hot glue.
  • After finishing a few of these flowers, you can collect them in one big, beautiful bouquet and put in a decorative vase. Or, on the free edge of the wire, twist the ring to form a stand. These buds look great on the windowsill or dining table.

Paper chrysanthemum

By itself, the chrysanthemum does not have a significant size. Therefore, it will take a lot of effort to create it. You have a delicate job ahead of you.

  • Take the corrugated paper and cut a thin strip of not more than one and a half cm wide.;
  • Make many cuts on the strip. The distance between them should not exceed 1 mm. And the depth of the incision make close to see in connection with the fine workmanship, you can use nail clippers;
  • Tightly twist the strip and drop a drop of hot glue on the flat side;
  • Glue the flower base with green paper;
  • Plant a Bud on a toothpick, after painting it green.
  • Chrysanthemum turns small and elegant. You can weave it into your hair, get a very creative decoration. But no one will forbid you to increase the size of the flower and come up with another application.

Large paper flowers

The scheme is a bit similar to the “Flower with wishes”, but has a number of differences. Its complexity lies in the fact that it will not be enough just to cut out all the details and glue them together. You need to give them the right shape, and this requires a good eye and artistic flair.

In this technique, you can do most of the colors (poppies, roses, dahlias, etc.) you can get any Bud, you only need to choose a suitable silhouette. The difference from the first flower is that there is no universal silhouette. So …

  • You will need several elements (from 5 to 12) of exactly the same shape, but different in size. They can be cut using your own eye and artistic skills. But you can cheat. Print the finished blanks on colored paper. This will greatly facilitate your task.
  • In this work, not only the color of the petal is important, but also its relief. Before working wet harvesting water from pontificator (not much) or take them on a wet towel.
  • Fold the leaves to give them the appearance of a living plant. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise it will be problematic to straighten the work.
  • The last step is bonding. The process is similar to a flower with wishes.
  • Adjust the leaves to dry. Glued on the flower can be seen all inaccuracies.

To complete a large flower of paper, you want to make a stamen. It is not difficult.

All you need is to draw a circle with a diameter of 1.2 cm on yellow paper, at a distance of 2-3 cm from the center of the stamen, randomly draw a lot of small roundels, and then connect them with the center lines. Cut a new detail and paste into the center of the flower. The rear portion of the garnish with parsley. The Bud itself can be planted on a stem of wire.

Homemade paper flowers are perfect as a gift. They are very beautiful and most importantly never wither. In addition, unlike the living, to which everyone is accustomed to, paper will be a truly creative and unusual gift to your loved one.

This hobby can interest their children and develop their fine motor skills. What would they have had an interest, show them the finished work made by your hands.

They can decorate your own home, the main desire and patience. Create a floral arrangement on the refrigerator, using old, useless Wallpaper. Give them a second life. After all, even from unnecessary things, perhaps, to make a truly beautiful.

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