How to make a box: 10 original ideas of gift and packaging boxes with schemes

On the eve of new year holidays shop Windows are full of gift boxes, decorative bags, wrapping paper for every taste. Smiling sellers helpfully offer to provide services for the packaging of Christmas gifts. And it seems to be all great, because you see, it is much nicer to get a Christmas trinket in a beautiful package. But on the other hand, the whole meaning of the gift is lost, the very gift that should be intended for you.

The gift recipient will be doubly pleased if in addition to choosing a gift, You spend a little more time on its packaging. In this article we will teach You how to make gift boxes of paper or cardboard with your own hands. It is not difficult to do this, because all the crafts presented here are accompanied by ready-made schemes, templates and step-by-step master classes. You will only have to choose the appropriate option boxes, print the scheme and glue the box of paper according to the instructions. By the way, some of the presented boxes are made in the technique of origami, which means that even the glue You do not need!

So before we get to work, let’s see if You’re ready. To make a gift box of paper with your hands You will need: beautiful wrapping paper (you can do and ordinary white, and then decorate it), scissors, pencil, ruler, glue or double-sided tape, stationery knife. All there is? Well then, let’s create!

#1 Box “Herringbone”

A great way to pack a small trifle to friends or family will be here is a thematic Christmas box. Is done, incidentally, very easily. You will need green paper and hole tongs (although you can do without them). Well, for the decor fit any rhinestones, beads, sequins, in General, to Your taste!

#2 Gift box “Mint Lollipop”

And here is another original version of the gift box, which is very easy to make with your own hands, especially with our step by step master class. You will need a thick red paper (for the box), as well as white paper for decoration. The top of the box You can make an application or just paint a white sheet with pencils or markers. By the way, the top does not necessarily have to be a Lollipop. You can dream up a Christmas theme and decorate the top box, such as a snowflake, Christmas ball or red surly M&m’s.

#3 Box with lid (diagram)

Well, if you do not have time or desire to mess with the box for a long time, you can use a simple ready-made template. You need to download, print, cut and glue it. Voila, the box is ready! Please note that we have prepared for You 2 schemes: square (size 5×5) and rectangular (size 7x6x4).

#4 Cup with gift

And here is a variant of gift packaging for those who want to surprise with originality — gift box-Cup. Is simple enough, and looks spectacular! To create You will need thick paper, scissors and glue. And of course our step by step guide!

#5 Christmas box “Cake”

If the new year’s party is planned in a big company, for example, with a large family, it makes sense to pack gifts for all in one large composite box. Packaging box cake consists of 8-10 pieces, each of which is a separate gift box of paper.

#6 Gift box with lid for muffins and other small things

During the new year holidays quite common edible gifts: a variety of sweets and pastries. The original gift will be a muffin, cooked with their own hands in the author’s gift box.

#7 Christmas box “Diamond”

You can pack a Christmas gift in a gift box in the shape of a diamond. With our scheme to make such an intricate packaging is not difficult. It is enough to print the box template, cut and glue it in accordance with the instructions. It’s simple!

#8 Christmas package “Santa”

Very cute new year’s package will come from an ordinary paper bag, decorated with paper Santa. Download Santa’s diagram, cut it out and stick it on the package. New year’s packing with their hands ready!

#9 Boxes “Harry Potter”

Fans of stories about Harry Potter will come to indescribable delight, received as a gift a piece of your favorite hero. By the way, this box with magic sweet beans can be a great addition to a set of books about the adventures of a young wizard.

Download scheme

#10 Box “Gingerbread house”

A well — known symbol of Christmas and new year holidays in Hollywood movies is a gingerbread man. You can make a box of paper in the form of a house gingerbread man. By the way, put in a house themselves gingerbread men will be very symbolic, but if You have them with their own hands and do, and does not have the price of such a gift! Box “Gingerbread house” is a special scheme, which You can download below. Also below is a master class in the manufacture of boxes with their own hands.

Download scheme

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