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If you live with cats, you know that they not only sleep and eat, but also hunt, run, do acrobatic exercises. Many masters consider, that cat need not personal home, so as she and so lives in their house and can use any place. But this opinion is wrong, this cat needs a den where she could feel safe.

If before people had cats and they were free to leave the house, where could find any convenient place, now cats kept within the four walls. But instincts make you look for such a shelter in the house. In ancient times, these animals were wild and arranged themselves safe mink to sleep and regain their strength.

At home the cats are also looking for a safe place to stay. You can often see that she climbs on a chair that is under the table, inside the Cabinet, shelf, drawer or sits in an empty box. This should serve as a sign for you that she needs a home. And if you are an attentive and caring owner you should try for your pet and provide a complex for a cat where it can do anything.

Is it worth buying a house for a cat in the store

Of course, in pet stores you can find many models of houses for cats, equipped with everything necessary for their comfortable existence. But their cost is high, in addition, the cat may refuse to live there.

It is much better to make a house for a cat with your own hands – DIY. Here you do not have to spend money, because all the materials you can find at home, such as the remains of the repair work. You will not only save money, but also be sure that the home for a pet will be of high quality.

After all, you know your pet better than anyone, so you will be easy to create a home suitable for him in size and liking. The house can be made not only comfortable and beautiful, it can even be a wonderful decoration of your interior.

The distinctive properties of the dwelling for the cat and cats

Cats are hunters who need to see what’s going on around them, so he’ll need open space. The cat can build a bench or a house with one manhole, where he can lie on the roof.

Cats instinctively care about the protection of their offspring, so it is important that their home was in a secluded place. In her house there should be one main entrance and exit and a few more kittens. Cat also needs an observation deck, it can be made on the roof, or separately.

Cat house project

Before you learn how to make a house for a cat with your own hands, you need to decide what it will be – stationary or mobile. For the construction of good housing is better to take strong materials – wood or metal. And if you are constantly where to move and take your pet with you, then make it a light house of materials such as paper mache, cardboard, paper tubes, fabric and others.

Standard housing is made in the form of a box, which is easy to make and assemble. But sometimes a cat requires a exclusive dwelling. If you have a Siamese, Abyssinian or Bengal cat, you should know that in ancient times they hid in tree hollows. So they had an instinct to hide in something tall and cylindrical. Such cats can build a house in the form of a wigwam or a dwelling similar to a tree trunk.

If your house lives a cat, and a few, make one dwelling on all of cats, like the type of communal flat.

Determine the size of the house

Your pet should be comfortable lying in the houses in a position on its side. For medium-sized cats can build a house on 40h60h40 cm. But if the cat is large, then increase the scale.

Cat or cat should without any problems to get inside, so you need to provide him with free entry. But do not make too big entrance, otherwise the mustache will be uncomfortable there, he will not feel safe. The size of the input holes should not exceed 20 centimeters for cats middle size, for large, can be slightly increase this the size of the.

Choose materials

You can not worry about how to make a cat house that will be pleasing to the cat’s eyes. These animals are not so strong vision that they admired the flowers. Make it not too bright, let it match the cat’s color.

But cats are very sensitive to odors, and they will hardly like it if the materials for the house will smell of something alien. So feel free to take everything you have in the house extra – plywood trim, foam, pieces of thick fabric, etc.

But if you do not have anything like this in the house, and you will acquire new building materials, then try to support them for some time in your house, so that they are soaked with native smells. Only after that you can start construction.

For bonding parts use PVA glue, so other varieties of the cat not to suffer. Materials can be borrow any, the only, they should not electrify.

If you use metal, be sure to cover it with a cloth, as the metal itself electrifies the cat’s fur. Place of fastening should not have narrow gaps, otherwise there is cat hair may become tangled and the animal will experience discomfort.

Making a wooden house

Before you make a house for a cat with his hands, you need to make a drawing of your future small house.

Materials: plywood or chipboard, or MDF, cellulose, wooden sticks, Styrofoam sheets, PVA glue, fasteners – nails, screws, padding polyester, dense fabric.

Be sure to prepare an electric jigsaw for processing plywood or a hacksaw, a hammer and other necessary materials for working on wood. This step by step guide will help you build a great home for a mustachioed pet.

Apply a marking on the wooden material, according to your drawing. Cut out of wood all the necessary details – the base, floor, walls, roof.
All parts paste over the fabric from the inside and assemble the house with fasteners.

Outside paste over the house with a cloth, foam or padding polyester to keep it warm.

Put the house on the base and fix it with glue.

Make it so that you can remove the roof, so you can easily clean the cat house.

To your cat could not only sleep in the house, but also sharpen the claws, spread the outer side of the glue and glue the rope, fully wrapped dwelling. Leave the house for a few days, the glue should dry. After that, feel free to settle there your cat.

Cardboard house for cats

Although the cardboard house is short-lived, but it will be a great shelter for cats. These animals just love cardboard designs, as this material has a pleasant smell of wood and carries heat.

You will have to pick up a high enough cardboard box, where there is enough space for the cat to fit in it in full growth. But you should not choose too wide a box as the cat is comfortable in tight spaces. To cardboard box has become more robust and durable, you can paste over its adhesive tape.

Cardboard gets wet too quickly, so the floor of the house is better to paste insulation material. This will also help to retain heat.

If you paste a cat house with carpet, it will be able to sharpen it on her claws. For convenience and comfort, put a soft cloth or bedding inside the house.

You can add a couple of rooms to the cat house using a few boxes. To make the second floor, cut a hole in the 15 in the ceiling, put this box on the other and seal with adhesive tape.

Make the inside cozy and fun. Put a small blanket, a claw, or a rough towel there so she can scratch it. And of course, what cat doesn’t love a cat toy?

If you have a multi-storey house for cats, put the toy at the highest level to the cat had fun before you reach it.

Bench from an old suitcase

Excellent couch for cats with their hands from an old suitcase turns out. To do this, you need to divide it into two halves, the couch is formed from a deep part.

For sustainability design do Foundation. To do this, take the wooden planks and attach to the outside of the couch. You will need to make there holes a drill and by means of fixing elements to fix plates. Inside the structure, put a mattress or pillow to get a soft house.

House from the old TV

Take an old TV and get rid of all the internal content. Cover the bottom with insulation material, and the outer part can be left as is, and you can paint any color. Do not forget to make a comfortable rookery, laying on the bottom of anything soft.

Tent for a cat from a t-shirt

This cat tent is very easy to make – you need a t-shirt, some wire hangers, a piece of cardboard, tape and pins. The process will take no more than 5 minutes. So, make hangers for two equal arcs, it will be the frame of your house. Try to make them smooth and fairly uniform. You need two graceful curves that will go from the corner to the corner of your piece of cardboard.

To cardboard was strong, paste it with tape around the edges. Then pierce the cardboard on the edges. You can do this by the end of the hanger or by the awl. Then set your frame in the hole and cover them with tape, so it will not beaten to the outside. Check that the frame is tight and will not disintegrate at the first opportunity.

Pull the shirt over the frame of the tent and place it so that the entrance hole is in the middle, form a fabric so that the tent looked attractive. Do not allow any holes to form in your structure. Put a sheet of newspaper or warm bedding inside. Now you can provide a home to evaluate your pet. He must really like it.

Observation deck

If you want to provide your pet with a place where he can look around, then take the Board, obey it with some soft material. Then you can put a Board on the roof of the house and the observation deck is ready.

Where to put the house

The most successful place for your mustachioed pet will be where it is warm and high, so look for a place in your home. It may be near the battery on the windowsill. But maybe your cat is a sociable creature, so choose a place where she can see the hallway. Then she can welcome guests. Well, if your pet is not too friendly, then find him a secluded place where he could hide from prying eyes.

There is a huge number of variations of the cat house, show your imagination and build your pet a convenient place where he can relax and gain strength. If you like to make something with your own hands and the space of your apartment is quite large, you can build a whole cat game complexes with stairs, couches, sharpeners for claws.

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