Homemade gifts on the Birthday – make the holiday unforgettable

It’s the most memorable day that happens once a year. Day, when who give gifts. Day, when you congratulate close people and genuinely leave their wishes. Because so many of the important factors include the occasion, and the gift needs to be special.

Do not doubt if you have decided to make a birthday gift with your own hands. Today there are a lot of techniques with which you can make real art objects, design attributes, decorative crafts.

Gift with the preferences of the birthday boy

Yet the process of choosing a gift is sometimes difficult not only because of the large number of proposed workshops, but also because it is not easy to choose a gift, not taking into account the individual characteristics of the birthday.

Pay attention to what kind of hobby a loved one is interested in, what he is interested in, to know approximately in what manner to perform the intended gift. It is important to take into account who you give, that is, father, brother, grandfather more stringent gifts, made stylish and prestigious, but for mom, sister and grandmother lean towards tenderness, grace, superiority.

Let’s make an interesting alternative to store gifts, using simple materials, try to create exquisite decor items no less beautiful store option.

To begin, choose the top of the most popular and sought-after gifts that are traditional in nature and at the same time can look unique depending on your imagination. Gift ideas:

  • Handmade candles;
  • Paper flowers;
  • Soft toy;
  • Crafts with origami technique;
  • Photo frame;
  • Postcard.

Geometry is in fashion today, so the idea to make a gift in the form of a mobile decor of geometric shapes, which will be a great decoration for the chandelier, will be appreciated.

Decorative attribute – stars in the interior

An outstanding and stylish gift will be in the form of a laconic decor of beautiful paper in the technique of origami. Recommend the birthday girl to use this attribute as a mobile on the chandelier or placed on the shelves next to photos of family and friends.

Let’s you learn how to make beautiful stars, which are so often decorated interiors designers professional art studios.

We will need:

  • Thick colored paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue.

To create a drawing on paper, you can use a ready-made layout on which the future drawing will be carried out. It must be printed in advance. We do the material according to the pattern.

  • Step 1. Cut the star. Bend the edges along the dotted lines.
  • Step 2. Glue all 5 parts, the result will be a five-pointed volumetric star.

Use parchment paper, old books, blank sheets to create a modern style. Crafts with their hands on the Birthday so good that they are part of you, your creation is unique not subject to any standards, most importantly, to be consistent and diligent in achieving high results.

Interior items are particularly relevant in the style of minimalism, if the area of the apartment is not large. It is difficult to imagine bulky details in a small room. Therefore, a gift with your own hands will be especially counted, if you take into account this detail.
Paper “natural” flowers

Flowers have always symbolized joy and traditionally they are presented on almost every occasion. What if the flowers are made of paper? A good example of crafts with their hands from paper on the Birthday of Jenny Jafek-Jones, which is almost impossible to distinguish from the living.

The birthday girl will definitely be delighted with such an amazing souvenir. Let’s look at the example below step by step technique of creating a bouquet of roses.

Necessary material:

  • Two-color corrugated paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Threads.

Crafting procedure:

  • Step 1. Cut the paper into strips with a width of 7 cm and a length of 40 cm These values you can change, for example, making the length longer, you will attach the volume rose.
  • Step 2. Ready strip gently SIP in length and begin to bend to retrieve Bud. How this happens: bend one corner of the strip, then on top of another bend with your left hand, and the right turn up and so on to the end of the strip on one side. To visually understand how this happens, just remember how wrapped candy wrappers.
  • Step 3. Wrap in a circle, making a rosebud.
  • Step 4. We correct the petals, making them look like a natural flower. Wind the thread bottom of the Bud. The number of such roses can be unlimited. Of these, you can further make a composition using a basket, or make a stem and leaves, putting in a beautiful vase.

Some gift ideas for men

Make a birthday gift with your hands from paper for a man, using an easy technique to create a postcard. Option male subjects can be completely different. Win-win will be an option with the original template in the form of a strict suit or jacket with a butterfly. Dilute the festive gift with warm words of sincere wishes.

It is said that he who has a ship in his house gives his house prosperity and wealth. Mainly this value comes from the teachings of Feng Shui. Sailboats have always been managed by wealthy people, such an Association has remained to our time. A gift in the form of a sailboat has a symbolically positive value, so it will be useful and will certainly bring good luck. Make it simple even in the photo.

Using cardboard, scissors, balloon sticks and glue, you will create a ship in a few minutes. As you can see, the sails can be made from a cylinder of toilet paper, cutting it to the desired shape.

Make a gift special, harmoniously combining it with one line of style solutions. So, for example, currently very popular Scandinavian style.

In the photo you can see how charming look interior items that are easy to make with your own hands.

Rowan bracelet

Supernovae in the field of crafts with their own hands was creativity using polymer clay. The gift strikes with a variety. From clay you can make figures, dolls, figurines in the form of animals and more.

Often with the use of this material is prepared for jewelry. Consider the master class, make the original bracelet.

For work you will need:

  • Polymer clay of two colors;
  • Pastel crayons, black and orange;
  • Quill;
  • Sandpaper is hard;
  • Toothpick;
  • Leaf molds;
  • Liquid gel;
  • Office knife;
  • The special paint for clay;
  • Accessories for bracelet: chain, jump rings, head pins, lobster clasp, brush, pliers, foil and cutters.

Process of work:

  • Step 1. Roll the balls of clay.
  • Step 2. We pass the pin in the middle of the ball to the border of the head.
  • Step 3. Near the head of the pin make furrows, like berries.
  • Step 4. Next pastel chalk black RUB on sandpaper and gently apply with a brush into the inside of the beard, and fix the top with liquid gel.
  • Step 5. Make a blank by the width of the brush. Each blank with a pin inserted into a lump of foil.
  • Step 6. Now it’s up to the leaves. The remaining polymer clay green roll out and using molds make leaves. Decorate the leaves with imitation veins can be using a stationery knife.
  • Step 7. To create the effect of naturalness, RUB the chalk orange and apply partially on the leaves and just a little bit on the berries.
  • Step 8. The turn came to make our clay strong with the help of an oven. Time and temperature are indicated on the package, each manufacturer is different.
  • Step 9. Process the pins, cut off a small upper part and twist the tip to form a hook.
  • Step 10. We pass the rings in the leaves. We complete the work, defining evenly and berries and leaves throughout the chain. The Rowan bracelet is ready.

For aromatic coffee lovers

It’s no news that the percentage of people who love natural coffee is higher than the percentage of people who prefer another drink. Therefore, this coffee lover will be easy to please a souvenir that reminds him of the taste and aroma of an invigorating drink.

For crafts you will need:

  • Mug;
  • Natural coffee beans;
  • Cosmetic discs;
  • White thread;
  • Acrylic brown;
  • Hot gun glue;
  • Other decor.

Process of crafting:

  • Step 1. The mug should be covered with cosmetic discs with hot glue. Try not to miss the place with ceramics, it is likely that the grain will not hold firmly. This also applies to the handle.
  • Step 2. Take the thread and wrap it over the discs in a circle.
  • Step 3. Now it is staining cups with elements of disks and thread.
  • Step 4. It remains to pin grain with glue in two rows, so there were no gaps with paint.
  • Step 5. The Cup will take finished look after decoration by decorative ribbons or lace. This Cup is more suitable in the form of a decorative element that will remind you of pleasant moments.

Photo frames using quilling technique

Quilling is an amazing technique with which objects acquire a completely different look. A good gift will be the image quilling technique of the walls of the photo frame.

Especially skillfully combine colors to end up looking harmonious gift and did not seem pretentious. Birthday for the nearest and dearest is special, it is important that the gift is remembered, so it is desirable to say about his creation a few words that could describe what it means and what benefits will bring for the birthday.

If you want to use your gift to create a fabulous atmosphere or romantic atmosphere, the best option would be a lamp or night light. In this case, the use of conventional glass jars of non-standard shape, decorated with acrylic paints, rhinestones and small mirrors will be an amazing gift, while decorating the interior and giving benefit.


Top most original ideas

The original gift will definitely raise the already joyful mood will give color to the holiday. What can be done that way to surprise the birthday boy. Let’s look at the top of the most interesting ideas:

Who would have thought that from ordinary iron cans can be made so creative candlesticks, which are further hung on the wall and create a cozy and romantic home environment;

A real expensive item would be an ordinary tire covered with twine with glue.

Recycling plastic spoons can also be useful if you use them with meaning for a good cause. So the remaining plastic spoons will be a decoration for a pot of home plants. To get such a creative capacity, you can use an old jar, spoons, glue and paint sprayer.

To make mega stylish lamp is also in your hands. You will need plastic bottle caps wire, switch and cap. It is better to assemble this design to ask a familiar electrician, but it will take only a few minutes. And here you will be engaged in a plafond. With the help of glue, the main material — the covers, will turn into a real decorative attribute.

Give a gift for a Birthday with your own hands made — it’s not difficult, variations on a festive theme a lot, choose any. To meet all the expectations of creativity, count on your strength and patience. Remember, it is better to make an easy souvenir, but high quality than complex, but inexpressive. The new incarnation of ordinary objects can turn the mind, act for the benefit of their ideas.

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