10 gift packaging box unique design – best ideas with downloadable schemes

#1 Gift box for children “Ice Cream”

New year’s gift should be Packed not just well, but with taste. In the gift box “ice Cream” Your gift will be appreciated! With our scheme production of a tasty box will bring only pleasure!

Download scheme

#2 Packing box “candy”

Another option “tasty” packaging will be a box in the form of candy. To create a Christmas atmosphere, the packaging can be slightly revitalized by adding her eyes and mouth. Download the scheme, print it out and glue the box in the right places.

#3 Gift box “Merry Bunny”

Dear and close people always want to give a special gift. And best of all, when this gift is not only special, but also in a special package that emphasizes the importance of a particular person. Make a box of paper with your own hands is not difficult if you download the scheme from the link below.

#4 Box for a gift “Pencil”

Christmas gift for children or people from the education sector symbolically Packed in a box in the form of a pencil. Treat your loved ones with a gift in the original box, made with their own hands. Download scheme can be below.

#5 Box “Funny frog”

Another very fun and positive box for Christmas gifts — “Funny frog”. Is done quickly, of emotions gives mass of! Download the scheme and please your favorite merry Christmas box.

#6 Box with a mug

Original packaging can be a gift in a box of plain white paper and given it some of the details in the form of the eye and mouth, a way to dress up a gift. With our ready-made scheme to make such a box is not difficult. Just download the diagram, print and glue.

Download scheme

#7 Gift box “Birdhouse”

Let’s start with perhaps the most unusual gift boxes of paper. Make a birdhouse is quite simple when there is a ready scheme. Scheme to be printed, translated into the appropriate paper, cut and glue in certain places. Complex and intricate at first glance boxes with their own hands will be ready for 10-15 minutes.

#8 Box “Apple”

The original will be a gift in a box of paper in the form of an Apple. With such a box to pick up a gift is quite simple — gelatin worms will be very useful. To make such a box with your own hands with the appropriate scheme is very simple, the manufacturing process will take no more than 10 minutes!

#9 Box “Christmas wreath”

Your originality has no limit, we only give You direction, and then You create yourself. On new year’s theme, you can come up with a lot of boxes, for example, in the form of a Christmas wreath. Very symbolic!

#10 Gift wrap from the Nutcracker

Well, what is a real New year without the Nutcracker and music from The famous Tchaikovsky ballet? A great gift will be a package of nuts with an attached tag in the form of a Nutcracker. The most fabulous character You can draw yourself, but if there is no penchant for drawing, the image of the Nutcracker You can find on the Internet and print, then cut and attach to the package.

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